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Our vision for the future of rock processing

A large plant with equipment for rock processing

The future of rock processing is net zero, circular and resource efficient – supporting the transition to a sustainable world.

The future of rock processing will be net zero with equipment forming part of a circular value chain. Equipment will be electrified, powered by fossil-free energy and designed for maximum energy efficiency. Rock processing will be circular and highly productive, enabling customers to extract maximum value from resources from their mining or infrastructure applications, while minimizing waste and energy intensity.

It will minimize the use of water, and it will reduce dust and noise – both in urban areas and for nature. And it will provide a safe working environment for a highly skilled workforce in thriving communities.

Our role

We have a critical role to play in making this future vision a reality. We will lead on decarbonization through electrification, automation and digitalization, and by working with customers on process optimization and the use of emerging technologies. In making our equipment, we will switch to recycled materials where possible and design for refurbishment, remanufacturing or recycling. We will work across our value chain to minimize our impact on water and other natural resources.

Through innovation and customer partnerships, we will accelerate the journey to rock processing that is net zero, circular and resource efficient.

Three key areas

  • Net zero rock processing of the future

    Rock processing of the future is decarbonized by reducing energy intensity through optimizing mining and aggregate production, demolition and recycling of materials. New technologies help conserve energy and reduce emissions providing a sustainable source of critical materials. Equipment is electrified,  powered by fossil-free energy. 

  • Circular rock processing of the future

    New business models enable recycling and circularity in mining and infrastructure industries. More efficient processing reduces wastage. There is an increase in the recycling of demolition materials. All equipment is designed for refurbishment, remanufacture or recycling, to enable circularity and material resource efficiency. 

  • Efficient rock processing of the future

    Data-driven technologies automate processes and deliver resource efficiency across mining, quarrying and demolition value chains. They enable optimized equipment performance with reduced energy input, smarter decision-making and enhanced productivity and transparency. Greater circularity of quarrying and demolition materials through better recycling processes results in improved resource efficiency. 

Eco-efficient rock processing solutions

Eco-efficient rock processing solutions will support a sustainable transition and enable the success of the mining and infrastructure industries of the future. 

Find out more Find out more about eco-efficient rock processing solutions

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