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Our vision of the future of manufacturing

Computer screen displaying CAM software simulating milling operation toolpath on a 5 axis machine

The future of manufacturing is net zero, circular and efficient – supporting the transition to a sustainable world.

Manufacturing of the future will be driven by sustainable solutions that focus on performance, productivity and efficiency, all contributing to achieving net zero. It will be powered by fossil-free energy and have net zero emissions. Components will be designed for circularity and zero-waste, and made from recycled, repurposed or responsibly sourced materials to minimize impacts on natural resources. Manufacturing will provide a safe working environment for a highly skilled workforce in thriving communities.

Smart software solutions will drive efficiency, connectivity and autonomous processes. From design to the finished component, digital solutions will minimize the use of materials and energy, while manufacturing data will enable the traceability of materials for a circular economy.

Our role

We enable a sustainable future for manufacturing by providing high-performance tools and solutions for productivity which contribute to energy and raw material savings for the customer. We will lead in developing products that are net zero and resource efficient, increasing the use of circular materials and minimizing our own water impact. Our software will be at the forefront of the digital manufacturing processes of the future.

We will drive transparency, through providing real-time data and manufacturing footprint information. Our business models will enable the recycling and reuse of products to keep valuable materials in circulation. We will innovate sustainable materials for subtractive and additive manufacturing and look at ways to bring manufacturing closer to the customer. We will cut down emissions from transport by reducing distances shipped where possible and using more sustainable options. And we will cut down packaging waste.

Through all that we do, we will enable our customers to make sustainable choices for manufacturing of the future.

Three key areas

  • Net zero manufacturing of the future

    Net zero manufacturing of the future is enabled by digital solutions, connectivity and autonomous processes.

    Customers achieve net zero in manufacturing through innovative processes, technologies and tools. Components are resource efficient and GHG emissions are managed by building in transparency from design to production and verification. Traceability enables circularity at end-of-life. New sustainable materials contribute further to reducing product carbon footprint. Emissions from transport are reduced. Manufacturing sites are powered by 100% fossil-free energy.

  • Circular manufacturing of the future

    Closing the circularity gap in manufacturing enables the efficient use of materials and minimizes waste – protecting resources and allowing nature to regenerate. Traceability helps to manage the flow of materials through the value chain, and facilitates new business models for the refurbishment, reuse and recycling of products to keep valuable materials in circulation. New innovative, sustainable materials reduce the extraction and use of virgin materials. Packaging is reduced or made from recyclable materials with recycled content.

  • Efficient manufacturing of the future

    Smart factories of the future have digital solutions and connectivity built in. Connected systems transform the gathering and analysis of data to optimize performance, minimize waste, reduce emissions and enhance traceability and transparency.

Sustainable and efficient manufacturing solutions

Sustainable and efficient manufacturing solutions will be enabled by digitalization within net zero and circular value chains, from design to finished products, to end-of-life of the product.

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