Experience the benefits of electrification in underground mining. And enjoy Johann Sebastian Bach in a new setting.


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Irantzu Sacristán Pérez is fulfilling her dream of making the world a smarter place, one crazy idea at a time.

For electric vehicle manufacturers the transmission is a crucial factor in keeping motor size down.

As part of her thesis program, Tove Engvall analyzed how collecting rainwater can help optimize production processes.

Purpose and strategic objectives

Advancing the world through engineering

We are forward thinkers, driven by our passion to continuously innovate smarter solutions and enable important shifts.

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  • OCT 1 – Silent period, Q3 2021
  • OCT 18 Interim report, Q3 2021
  • JAN 1 – Silent period, Q4 2021
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Sustainability goals

We have goals for 2030 for circularity, climate, people and fair play. Follow our progress and learn about our enablers.

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In the Meet Sandvik podcast you will meet different persons that give their perspective on Sandvik.