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  • Logistics Operations Manager, CIS (Job-ID: 357537)

    Country: Russia

    Location: Moscow

    Job category: Supply Chain & Logistics

    Deadline: 31 Mar

  • Electrician (Job-ID: 356677)

    Country: South Africa

    Location: Finsch Mine

    Job category: Engineering

    Deadline: 23 Feb

  • Technical Specialist - Automation (Job-ID: 357799)

    Country: Canada

    Location: Winnipeg, MB

    Job category: Product Service

    Deadline: 2 Mar

  • Administrator (Job-ID: 358059)

    Country: South Africa

    Job category: Sales

    Deadline: 21 Feb

  • Operatör till svarvgruppen (Job-ID: 358036)

    Country: Sweden

    Location: Stockholm

    Job category: Production

    Deadline: 16 Mar

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