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Sandvik Fellows

Sandvik is part of a project to improve the quality of education in five government schools near Sandvik plants in four different states in India. One person, a Sandvik Fellow, has been stationed at each school to help turn the school into a high-performing school.

The transformation of the schools is focused on the following areas:

  1. Supportive infrastructure: substantial budgets for e.g. libraries, science/computer labs, water supply and playgrounds
  2. Gender equality: creating equal growth opportunities for boys and girls
  3. Good learning: focus on building conceptual understanding for the learning of languages and mathematics
  4. Safety: creating a safe learning environment – physical safety as well as emotional safety in the classroom
  5. Innovation and technology immersion: new techniques for teaching and technology immersion for both teachers and students

Providing training and support

The Sandvik fellow helps carry out a baseline test of each school and an action plan for improvement.

Part of the project is also to provide training and support for implementing the plan as well as giving direct support to the Head of the school and the teachers.

An evaluation of the five focus areas is made every six month, when also the plan is adjusted, if needed.