The Haglund Medal

The “Wilhelm Haglund Medal for the Product Developer of the Year” award is presented to the employee or group of employees within Sandvik that has made the most significant contribution in product development.

The medal is named after the legendary Managing Director Wilhelm Haglund, who laid the foundations for the Group's successes in the cemented-carbide area. The award is presented to acknowledge and reward important contributions that have created The Wilhelm Haglund medalsignificant customer benefits and commercial value for the Group.

The award was introduced in 1986 and consists of a medal in 18-carat gold as well as a study trip and diploma. The jury consists of the President and CEO, union representatives and other people with good knowledge of the Group's operations. All Group employees are eligible for the award and they can also recommend candidates.

Award winners

2023: Drill bits based on PowerCarbide® cemented carbide

A new generation of cemented carbide grades that has enabled a completely new range of innovative and patent-protected drill bits for top hammer, down-the-hole and rotary drilling. The new drill bits have proven to outperform current solutions due to superior performance in terms of safety, productivity and sustainability in the drilling operations. They also have the capability to increase service life by 20 to 100 percent, depending on conditions.
Award winners: Ioannis Arvanitidis, Malin Mårtensson, Susanne Norgren, Krystof Turba and Erik Östhols
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2022: New generation of metal-cutting grades

A new generation of metal-cutting grades based on a manufacturing solution using a combination of a new powder milling technology and substrates adapted to support the second generation of Inveio® coating concept, The new grades offer excellent wear resistance which enables increased cutting speed and feed. Their design also allows for a broadening of the application area for each individual grade.
Award winners: Åke Östlund, Jan Engqvist, Carl-Johan Maderud and Anders Stenberg
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2021: Exera® medical wire

A range of fine wire and wire-based components for use in medical applications with demanding requirements, such as pacemakers, devices for glucose monitoring or deep brain stimulation.
Award winners: Gary Davies, Tim Tacionis, and Gene Kleinschmit
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2020: Coating method for Tiger-Tec® Gold grades for metal cutting

A method for applying coatings which enabled Tiger-Tec® Gold, a technology platform for a family of new grades for metal cutting with unprecedented performance. The platform consists of a new coating material that is deposited by a process called ultra-low pressure CVD.
Award winner: Dirk Stiens
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2019: Sandvik DD422i and Sandvik DD422iE mining jumbos

Intelligent mining jumbos with a wide range of automatic drilling functions for increased productivity. The drill rigs’ well-designed structures and proven components contribute to a reliable workplace for both operators and maintenance crews. Using the onboard battery, Sandvik DD422iE produces zero emissions while tramming, contributing to the health and safety of underground workers.
Award winners: Tero Yli-Hannuksela, Jarno Kuittinen and Johannes Välivaara
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“The Sandvik Sustainability Award in Memory of Sigrid Göransson" is an internal award praising our heritage of sustainability and community involvement.