Award winners 1986-1999
Year Award winner Product
1999 Gerard Romagnolo
Daniel Tartavez
Rotating knives in cemented carbide
1998 Conny Jansson Ergonomic hand tools
1997 Björn Ljungberg
(Anders Lenander)
New cemented carbide grades GC 4015, GCLC 25 and 4025 LT
1996 Annika Roos
Olle Sundqvist
Per-Åke Franklind
Sanmac® machinability-improved stainless steel
1995 Goro Okada
Edward Ydoate
Linear singulator and flow controller conveyor for parcel sorting system
1994 Ken Anderson
(Sven Engstrand,
Lars Åsberg)
Coromant Capto® – a modular tooling concept giving full flexibility for turning, milling and drilling in modern CNC machines
1993 Yngve Sonefors
Bertil Blom
XT saw
1992 Heinz Spiegelberg
(Jan Erik Karlsson,
Gert Sundstedt)
Cast-in carbide
1991 Peder von Holst
Rolf Oskarsson
Coronite® – end mills and drills in a duplex material with properties in the range between cemented carbide and high-speed steel
1990 Charles Rutkovski Pilgering
1989 Sven Bernhardsson Sandvik SAF 2304™ lean duplex stainless steel
1988 Lars Liljeblad
Udo Fischer
DP 60 – a cemented carbide grade for more wear-resistant buttons in rock-drilling bits
1987 Reinhard Froeschke Rotoform® pastillation system
1986 Lars Pettersson
Jörgen Wiman
Q inserts – a completely new program of indexable inserts for turning, coupled to a pioneering tool selection concept