Sandvik Innovation Prize

Individual tagging of functional edges on inserts for metal-cutting is one of the awarded innovations. With the help of data matrix codes, the inserts are fully traceable and can, for example, be quickly sorted when recycled.

Sandvik Innovation Prize is awarded to one or several employees who have developed the most innovative product or process during the year. The purpose is to stimulate and reward innovative contributions by providing quick feedback to employees.

It complements the Haglund Medal that is given out after an innovation has proven to create significant customer benefits and commercial value for the Group. Sandvik Innovation Prize prize was introduced in 2003 and consists of prize money and a diploma.

Year Award winners Innovation
2022 Jussi Puura, Henri Liikanen, Liisa Aha, Tomi von Essen, Raimo Junt​unen, Pekka Anttonen, Harri Vatanen, Petri Nurminen and Mikko Pesola.​​​ AutoMine® ​underground drill rig
2021 Micael Baudin and Jan Gravningsbråten​ Individual tagging of functional edges on metal-cutting inserts
2020 ​​Johan Sundström and Malin Mårtensson 3D-printed diamond composite​
2019 ​​Ulf Kivisäkk, Karin Hansson-Antonsson, Christina Haraldsson and Peter Stenvall Sanicro®​ 35  nickel alloy
2018 ​Tuomo Pirinen, Noora Kalevo, Pasi Hämäläinen, Timo Setälä and Vesa Uitto RockPulse system for rock drilling
2016 ​Tomas Berglund, Martin Östlund and Rickard Sandberg PM HIP Quad Metal Exhaust Valve Spindle​
2015 Markus Rodmar, Peter Skäringer, Björn Ericsson, Mats Ahlgren and Emmanuelle Göthelid​ Technology for deposition of coatings on cutting tools
2014 Jussi Puura and Tomi von Essen Transparent Mine
2013 Juha Pursimo, Sami Hanski, Juha Lassila, Tuomo Pirinen and Mikko Loimusalo Goldfinger
2012 Torbjörn Selinder, Rachel Shao, Malin Mårtensson and Gerold Weinl PcBN and PCD materials
2011 Rowan Dallimore ​Sandvik 200 Series VSI crushers​
2009 Peter Gillström, Lars Karlsson and Jan Haraldsson Finemac®​ ​lead-free free-cutting steel
2008 Mats Malmberg Assembly for downward transportation of bulk material ​
2007 Susanne Norgren A new generation of fine-grained substrates​ ​
2006 Hans Sletten Automated cell production of top hammer button bits
2005 Leif Vidin, Klas Tübinger and Stefan Roman CoroDrill​​ 880 short hole drill​
2004 Magnus Cedergren and Håkan Holmberg A new method for surface treatment of steel strip​
2003 Roger Noel and Vesa Peltonen Rock Pilot drilling system ​

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