The impossible statue

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and engineering, we brought some of history’s greatest artists back to life. The result is a modern masterpiece, created by using the latest advances in AI, advanced software solutions, and precision manufacturing. 

Sandvik is investing in Artificial Intelligence and sees a lot of potential in areas such as predictive maintenance. Last year, a center for AI and automation was established.

Artificial intelligence is already having a major impact on manufacturing operations around the world. From quality control to forecasting and product design, manufacturers are using AI systems to change the way their factories work.

A unique fusion of artistry spanning 500 years from some of the world’s most iconic sculptors was made possible through AI and advanced digital manufacturing solutions from Sandvik.

Digitalized manufacturing enables a closed-loop production that results in increased efficiency, less waste and improved quality.

To address modern challenges throughout manufacturing, Sandvik has created the Lighthouse program.

Modern 3D metrology is becoming the eyes and ears of the production floor, bringing multiple advantages to the manufacturing world.

Download 3D file

Download the statue in a printable 3D version.

Statue STL


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