Job areas


Following are examples of job areas at Sandvik. All functions interact to form an efficient, world-class company servicing successful customers all over the world.

Tasks of an administrative nature, developing processes and ways of working.

Competitive intelligence, evaluation of new business opportunities, strategies and plans for development and growth.

Strategic communication, web, media relations and branding.

Products and solutions, technical expertise and understanding our customers.

Limiting the effects on the environment and no injuries.

Business controlling, investor relations, taxes and treasury.

Coach, lead and contribute to the development of our operations, individuals and teams.

HR support all employees in reaching their full potential.

IT infrastructure, software development and business-critical system solutions.

Legal risk management, intellectual properties, business compliance.

Communicate the value of our products and services.

Manages the production from concept to final product.

Analysis and strategy, define assortment and service levels, develop the offering.

Lead and establish structure, communicate and create team spirit.

Secure, improve and support the way we work.

Improving products and processes and developing innovative solutions.

Serve our customers in the best possible way and add value to their business.

Procurement, purchasing coordination and supplier management.

Delivering the right product at the right time to our customers.