When you join our global team you will find yourself inspired by the spirit of Sandvik and engaged in our dedicated efforts to optimize our customers’ productivity and sustainability. Below you find the key elements that together differentiate us from others.

Innovative at heart

A global team of innovators

We are a global team of engineering pioneers bound together by strong company culture and beliefs. To create cutting-edge tech solutions, you will collaborate with brilliant minds all over the globe. Magic happens when we join forces to solve real problems.

Diversity and inclusion

An inclusive environment

Sandvik´s brain pool is diverse, but the real power lies in being part of a team. We want you to feel that you can bring your whole self to work, and we know that by doing so we will make the best use of your contributions.

Develop with us

Learn and develop for life

With us, you´ll be on a life-long learning journey. We really encourage the upgrade of your skills and offer courses, on-the-job training and stretch assignments that are yours to take. When you feel ready to move on, we have a vast internal job market.

Sustainable customer offering

Power to influence

Our products, solutions and our ways of working really make a difference. We use our power wisely: when deciding what projects to run, what materials to use and re-use and where to do business. We are proud to say that we contribute to making the world more sustainable.

Rewarding fairly

Fair compensation and working terms

It may be a given, but for us it´s important to state: we reward fairly and offer a suite of benefits, no matter what part the company you work in. Fair play even has a place among our company values. You can expect us to honor global and local standards.

Worklife balance

A workplace with high standards

We believe in pursuing work with passion to get great results, but also want to leave room for personal pursuits, family life and interests. Getting this mix right is a stepping stone to achieving great results.

Leadership model

Driven and supporting leaders

Authentic, accessible leaders who act as role models for the way we want to do business are crucial to our company – and to the success of individuals and teams. Once on the job, our leaders are given support to develop and excel.

Our history

A culture with roots and wings

Since our company was founded more than 150 years ago, our business concept has been based on innovation, technology leadership and close, long-term customer relationships. To this day, also the other values of our founder still remain; to continuously strive to be a responsible company and employer.