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Master thesis: Optimization of cost and quality at high-speed machining

Sandvik Coromant in Gimo, Sweden offers a thesis project within the area of optimization of cost and quality at high-speed machining.


Sandvik Coromant in Gimo is a world leader in the manufacture of cemented carbide tools for turning, milling and drilling. Our customers are found in the metal processing, automotive and aircraft industries, and our aim is to meet the markets' more stringent demands for new precision products with great durability. The site in Gimo, outside of Uppsala, is Sandvik Coromant’s largest production site.

Background and scope of the project

When producing Sandvik Coromant’s world-class, high-performing tools we aim for correct quality as well as a balanced production cost.

The material in our products has very good strength and is perfect for our customers, but a disadvantage is that it quickly wears out our cutting tools when machining in it. With this, it is likely that the cost for cutting tools is high and we need to be observant and keep the cost under control.

At the production group for milling cutters at the Gimo site we have invested in high-speed milling machines that can work in speeds up to 28,000 rpm. It is with them possible to perform the cutting in very short time.

The production cost for our tools is a building from many blocks but the cutting time is a very important parameter. The cutting times are multiplied with an hour rate. The hour rate is also a building of different blocks where the tool cost is one component.

This assignment is about to optimize the production cost in the manufacturing in respect to cutting speed, the tools performance and life time. What is best to run with, high cutting speeds, with high tool cost and low cutting times or to do the cutting in lower speeds, with long cutting tool life time and with that lower tool costs?

Work description

  • Get familiar with how the milling operation is performed on the milling cutters.
  • Get familiar with the way our production cost model works and how the departments hour rates are calculated.
  • Optimize the milling operation for the milling cutters with respect to correct quality and best production cost.
  • Perform first simulations and then practical tests of the optimized solution and make sure that the measuring result shows that the process is in correct capability level.
  • Create optimizing rules for how to perform when setting cutting data´s when using HSM machines to get as low production cost with correct quality as possible.

The outcome of the project should be reported in a written report and a presentation.

Student background

We believe this thesis project is suitable for two students in the field of industrial economy, mechanical engineering or similar.

At Sandvik Coromant, we believe that diversity of experience, perspective and background leads to a better environment for our employees, our business and our customers. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Duration of project

The thesis project lasts 10 weeks (or longer after agreement). It will start in the beginning of 2024 or after agreement. The location is in Gimo, Sweden.

Application and contact information

For more information about the thesis program, please contact:

Gabriella Melin, gabriella.melin@sandvik.com

Lars Olsson, lars.e.olsson@sandvik.com

Please send your application to the contacts above as soon as possible, and no later than October 10, 2023, as selections are made on an ongoing basis.

Read more about Sandvik Coromant at the website www.sandvik.coromant.com

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