Thesis projects

Do you want to write your Master thesis at Sandvik? We welcome many students every year who have applied for our various thesis projects. On this page we present a selection of thesis projects in some of the countries where we have our major sites.

Current thesis projects

Thesis projects




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Master of Science Improving force predictions during the CAM programming Stockholm, Sweden January 15, 2023
Master of Science Determination of milling operation level CO2 footprint and energy efficient process planning in CAM Stockholm, Sweden January 15, 2023
Master of Science Analysis of cone crusher performance with changes in feeding process Svedala, Sweden December 22, 2022
Master of Science Evaluate AI as a tool for quality inspection of castings Svedala, Sweden December 22, 2022
Master of Science Hydraulic system modelling and analysis Svedala, Sweden December 22, 2022
Thesis project User analysis of document database for technical information Sweden December 30, 2022
Master of Science Understanding high-temperature deformation mechanisms in cemented carbide materials Gothenburg, Sweden December 31, 2022
Master of Science Mechanical strength modeling of novel insert geometries Sandviken, Sweden December 31, 2022
Bachelor of Science Automation of performance testing of cutting tools Stockholm, Sweden December 16, 2022
Master of Science Production cost analysis of an additive manufacturing production unit Sandviken, Sweden November 30, 2022
Master of Science System and technology integration of manufacturing software Sandviken or Stockholm, Sweden November 30, 2022
Master of Science / Bacherlor of Science Engineering and industrial management thesis projects Finland* August 30, 2023

*Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Lahti, Päijät-Häme, Turku, Varsinais

Thesis work at Sandvik can give you new perspectives and contribute to your personal growth while translating your theoretical knowledge into real work. These projects are important to us too, as they contribute to our business while we get to know dedicated, talented students that may become future co-workers.

Examples of thesis topics at Sandvik:

  • Materials science
  • Tribology
  • Manufacturing processes
  • IT and software engineering
  • Logistics
  • Sustainable development
  • HR


In some cases, Sandvik pays compensation for thesis projects approved by both us and the school. If applicable, this should be clarified before starting the thesis project.

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