Meet Nadine Crauwels, President of Sandvik Coromant

Going for growth in a smart way and taking the lead position within sustainability. That´s just some tasks on Nadine Crauwels to-do-list for Sandvik Coromant.

In this episode of the podcast Meet Sandvik you will meet Nadine Crauwels, President of Sandvik Coromant. Nadine tells the story about how she ended up at Sandvik and reflects on leadership styles in different cultures and what skills a good leader should have.

“Forward-looking and with the ability to be a good communicator, to talk in a simple and clarifying way,” she says, mentioning some of the skills needed to be successful.

Spare time is often outdoor time for this Division President, but she also has a special talent that takes two hands and preferably is performed inside in a calm environment.