Meet Ulrika Wedberg, Head of Sustainable Business

What does the path to fulfilling Sandvik´s 2030 sustainability goals look like? In this episode of the Meet Sandvik podcast Ulrika Wedberg, Head of Sustainable Business, talks about the goals and what is critical for success.

In 2019 Sandvik presented a new set of long-term sustainability goals that we aim to reach by 2030. Goals that covers four different areas: Circularity, Climate Change, People and Fair Play.

“In some areas we have already come a long way with circularity, in other areas we need to start looking more at the development phase so that we can ´produce to be recycled´ from the beginning. This is also a huge business opportunity for us,” Ulrika says, explaining some of the challenges in the circularity field.

In this podcast Ulrika walks us through the four goals one by one, and she discusses what is needed in the coming decade if we are to reach them. She also stresses the importance of getting started, even if all the details are not in place from day one.

“We need to start, we need to get going – and maybe we need to change during the way, but most importantly is that we have started to work severely with the targets.”

Read more about Sandvik´s sustainability work and our long-term goals.

Meet Sandvik Podcast

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