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Innovation and sustainability awarded

Petri Suomi, Eva Kyriakopoulou, Jarkko Uotila, Pertti Parkkinen, Malvina Roci​, Stefan Widing, Antonia Dåderman (representing Jill Glynn), Juha Ketomäki, Sigrid Surkamp​, Maria Alexandersson​
Petri Suomi, Eva Kyriakopoulou, Jarkko Uotila, Pertti Parkkinen, Malvina Roci​, Stefan Widing, Antonia Dåderman (representing Jill Glynn), Juha Ketomäki, Sigrid Surkamp​, Maria Alexandersson​

A Down-The-Hole drill rig that opened a new market for Sandvik was awarded the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” in connection with the 2024 General Meeting in April. The “Sustainability Award in Memory of Sigrid Göransson” went to the team behind a customer recycling program for used cemented carbide tools.

This year’s winners of the Wilhelm Haglund medal have together with key customers developed Leopard® DI650i, a Down-The-Hole drill rig, with AutoMine® surface drilling autocycle. When the drill rig was introduced in 2019, the larger than 6" segment was dominated by a competitor. The Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions’ team included Pertti Parkkinen, Mika J. Nieminen, Jarkko Uotila, Juha Ketomäki, and Petri Suomi, and the aim was to develop a drill rig capable of challenging to become the market leader in this segment.

The drill rig is fully autonomous and incorporated with Autocycle and remote control capabilities, and it has a robust design to withstand the challenges posed by surface mining environments around the world.

“The DI650i drill rig is a very interesting combination of intelligent technology from top hammer drill rigs and traditional DTH drills, and when we combined it with an intelligent system for top hammer drill rigs we got a state-of-the-art DTH drill rig with scalable automation,” says category leader Juha Ketomäki.

This means that the operator can monitor the process remotely and one single operator can simultaneously operate three machines.

Sales for the drill rig has grown in a few years, from a very low market share to a market leading and solid position as the customers’ preferred choice in an important market segment.

Digitalized recycling program

Sandvik has been running buy-back programs for many years to retrieve used carbide tools, such as round tools, drills or inserts, from customers and recycle them into new products. The former system was not very efficient; it required a lot of manual work, lead times were long and transparency and traceability poor.

A team was formed across Sandvik Machining Solutions’ divisions, consisting of Maria Alexandersson, Jill Glynn, Malvina Roci, Kathrin Lampel, Eva Kyriakopoulou, and Sigrid Surkamp. The purpose of the program was to create a circular business model and retrieve more than 90 percent of the sold carbide volumes.

“We basically digitalized the solution,” says Maria Alexandersson, Customer Recycling Program Manager. “We developed a self-service portal where the customer with a few clicks gets the weight and price. We come and get the material and then ship it to Wolfram in Austria where they recycle the material.”

The advantages are numerous. The entire process is much simpler for the customer and the process is faster. The customer can also see how much it has contributed to CO2 reductions and how much material it has sent.

Sandvik, on the other hand, can benefit from increased traceability and knowing where the material originates from.

The Wilhelm Haglund Medal

The "Wilhelm Haglund Medal for the Product Developer of the Year" is presented to an employee or a group of employees within product development that has created significant commercial value for Sandvik.
​​​​​​​The medal is named after the legendary Managing Director Wilhelm Haglund, who laid the foundation for the Group's success in the cemented-carbide area. The award was introduced in 1986 and consists of a medal in 18-carat gold, a study trip and diploma.

The Sandvik Sustainability award in the memory of Sigrid Göransson

Sigrid Göransson was the granddaughter of Göran Fredrik Göransson, founder of Sandvik and the daughter of Anders Henrik Göransson, CEO of Sandvik. Sigrid made the company focus on social responsibility and improved working conditions at a time when that was rare.

In the name of Sigrid Göransson, Sandvik has launched an annual sustainability award to celebrate the best innovations within the company. The prize will go to a solution that has had a measurable and lasting impact on environmental, economic or social sustainability at Sandvik or in local communities.

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