Just a minute… Rahul Kedia

Spend a minute in Kolkata, India, with Rahul Kedia, who is passionate about his work and loves spending time with his family.

Rahul Kedia, Head of AI & Automation at Sandvik, considers himself both a tech guy and a family man. He explains, “I’m very passionate about my work and can work for long hours, no issues. But when I’m not working, it’s time for my family.”

Work sometimes requires Kedia to spend a lot of time away from his family, but when he’s at home he likes to go on bike rides, play table tennis or go on trips to the mountains with his daughter. “She’s a really bright child, and even if she’s in grade six, she can solve mathematics equations up to grade nine.”

Kedia’s father, a manager at Coca-Cola, and was well educated. “Education is something that has always been super important to our family,” Kedia says. “My father taught me to always stay grounded, stay humble and do what you do with the utmost sincerity, even if no one is watching you. I tell this to my daughter as well. And I have the same philosophy at work.”

Kedia has a background in the tech industry, where he says one constantly has to learn and reinvent oneself. “I strongly believe that there is a lot of potential in IT to change what we are doing in Sandvik. My ambition is to increase the pace of adoption of AI and automation and make people curious.”