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Just a minute… Marcelo Bertolini

Come spend Just a minute… with Marcelo Bertolini in Sao Paulo, Brazil, whose belief in simplicity led him to choose a career in engineering.

Marcelo Bertolini likes accuracy, in situations where there is no room for doubt. “I like to keep things simple and clear,” he says. “In my point of view, there is no gray area; you have white or you have black. It’s either correct or it’s not.”

This is a typical engineering mindset, he explains, and it’s why he pursued a career in that field. Now a mechanical engineer, he is a Parts, Sales and Service Representative at Sandvik.

Bertolini says that growing up his biggest role models were his parents. Today his role models are his wife and daughter. “When my daughter was younger my wife taught me how her innocence can show us how easy life can be,” he says. “That’s also why I became an engineer – it’s an easy and honest way to look at the world, and I can apply it completely in my professional life. I can’t say to a customer that the equipment is not 100 percent correct. We must deliver what we promise. It’s about being honest and transparent, like a child.”

Marcelo Bertolini didn’t know a lot about Sandvik before seeing the position listed on LinkedIn. He submitted his CV. “After a few days I received a call to take part in the recruiting process – and here I am.”