A new generation of talent on board

Global Graduate 2017-2018
The ten graduates in Sandvik's Global Graduate Program 2017–2018 come from China, India, Finland, Sweden and the US.

Access to young talent with new skill sets and outlooks on the world is critical for our success as a company. A keystone initiative to provide the business with competence is our Global Graduate Program, and the third program has just started.

The Global Graduate Program is Sandvik's trainee program that offers young professionals the opportunity to explore various parts of our operations during 18 months. To secure a truly global team that mirrors our business presence, our ten graduates come from different geographies: China, India, Finland, Sweden and the US. All graduates have a Masters degree in Engineering or Business Administration, and the Global Graduate Program provides excellent opportunities to utilize this great competence.

The talents bring a lot of passion and want to make a difference with their expertise

A main program ingredient is to work in development projects that will push the boundaries for the business. To emphasize the value of a global mindset, the graduates participate projects in three different geographies during their 18 months with Sandvik, and in different business areas. Many projects are in digital development, advanced materials and automation technology.

“I believe the biggest value for Sandvik is that we onboard these young, fresh out of school talents with competencies that are sought after by our business areas, says Program Lead Lena Jonsson Stain. They also bring a lot of passion and want to make a difference with their expertise, which is something our business leaders really value.”

Follow global graduates on Instagram

From October 9 – October 13 you can follow our graduates on Instagram and get an insight into on their first weeks of the program, participating in the first learning module in Stockholm and Sandviken, Sweden.


We are constantly looking for the talents of today and tomorrow.

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