“We need to go the extra mile”

She has been recognized for her strong leadership ability in challenging situations and her skills and efforts in communicating with both heart and mind. Meet Sandvik’s Sandra Pascuti, Human Resources Business Partner for Latin America.

Sandra PascutiIn the past year, Sandvik has gone through many changes designed to improve the performance of the company in a challenging market environment.

“Times of change always requires strong leadership and communication,” says Sandra Pascuti, who contributes to creating a culture and an environment that inspires Sandvik employees to shine.

Personally, I try really hard to understand the rationale behind each strategic decision and translate it to the organization.

“I believe in our people and their ability to accomplish great things for Sandvik,” Pascuti says. “If we give our leaders the prerequisites they need to plan for the long term and to maximize their performance in the short term, we can help them motivate their teams and increase the engagement level of employees to go the extra mile.

“Our role from an HR perspective is to create inspiring environments and clear scenarios for our leaders and people,” she says. “We have tools to do that, such as clear core values, performance management and the Sandvik Leadership Model. We just need to work with these tools and strengthen our leaders, in both good and difficult times.”

Important to understand why, how and when

Pascuti’s own passion and devotion were put to the test when Sandvik Coromant communicated a closure of the production plant for inserts and tools in Brazil in September 2015. The closure, which affected 133 people, was necessary to maintain the company’s competitiveness. But cutbacks are always painful, both for the employees effected and for the messenger.

“Personally, I try really hard to understand the rationale behind each strategic decision and translate it to the organization,” Pascuti says. “If I don’t understand or believe in it, I will never be able to convince anyone else. Therefore, I spend a lot of time informing, explaining and listening. If people understand why, how and when, the objectives will be met.”

As a company, our vision is to be as transparent and as respectful as possible to people.

Pascuti normally travels between Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. “But when the closure was communicated, I devoted 100 percent of my time to my colleagues in Brazil,” she says.

“It was a hard period for everyone involved, and from an organizational point of view, we also needed to retain valuable competence and experience,” she explains. “There were many worries, questions and discomforts, but in my eyes, management dealt with it with a lot of presence, fair play and heart, following the Sandvik values. As a company, our vision is to be as transparent and as respectful as possible to people, and I would say that we managed well.”

Positive change in Mexico

Right now, Pascuti supports the Sandvik Coromant team in Mexico after a number of organizational changes, including moving the office from Mexico City to Queretaro and the inauguration of the Sandvik Coromant Center.

“It’s a different situation,” she says. “We are investing in Mexico right now, so the atmosphere is very positive.”


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