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A tiny wire made a huge difference in young Amanda Rosengren’s quality of life, giving her the type of security, safety and freedom every teenager needs.

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Passion, determination and a large dose of entrepreneurial spirit have allowed Mike Schultz to thrive in his career despite the loss of a limb.

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Jacob woke up one night in panic – he had lost his hearing. A cochlear implant opened up a new life for him.

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Eleven years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Andrew Johnson regained his quality of life.

The possibility of individualization and on-demand availability of implants, prostheses and other medical devices will affect the lives of many people.

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Sandvik is helping customers map areas of their mines that were previously unreachable.

Sandvik and Cisco Systems' collaboration is a match made in mining heaven, delivering huge improvements to underground mines.

Could Kanthal, the world leader in manufacturing sustainable heating technology, make the world's fastest pizza?

Combining additive manufacturing with a light and strong material like titanium gives new sustainability advantages.

A number of activities are underway at Sandvik to fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic machine tool partnership doubles capacity at luxury watchmaker.

Digital twins replicate real products in the virtual world which allows for invaluable testing, saving time and money.

Exera ® ultra-fine wires are having a huge impact for those who have them inside their bodies.

Sandvik has placed the microfactory concept into a mobile container.

The 5th generation of mobile networks, 5G is the evolution of the 4G networks of today.

Electric vehicle automaker uses 3D printing and a microfactory to stay ahead of the game.

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