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Stefan Widing, President and CEO

Sandvik has signed up for the Science Based Targets initiative and committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. ”It’s important that we as a company do our part when it comes to sustainability, but it’s also something that we think is good for the business”, says Stefan Widing, CEO and President of Sandvik.

Sustainability has been part of Sandvik’s DNA for a long time where signing up for the Science Based Targets initiative is the natural next step that provides a third-party validation for Sandvik’s long-term target of reaching net-zero emissions.

”We were early in the industry when we, in 2019, launched ambitious climate targets that were already in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Now we extend those targets to a longer perspective and I would say we are a bit ahead of our peers”, says Widing.

More and more companies are committing to reducing their carbon emissions. It is positive for the planet and it opens up business opportunities since they can help their customers reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability targets.

”We have many examples of how Sandvik is making an impact where the most well-known one today is the electrification of the mining industry where we are shifting to electrically-powered machines and reducing our customer's emissions. Another example is our cutting tools that help our customers become more efficient and reduce their energy consumption”, Widing says.

The interest for products and solutions that contribute to meeting sustainability targets is increasing by the day.

”When we are creating new innovations that meet our customers’ needs, it provides new business openings. Our business model is to help our customers become more efficient and sustainable and we see plenty of opportunities coming for Sandvik going forward”, Widing says.