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Harald Kissel, R&D-manager Additive Manufacturing

Medical is one of the most exciting areas within additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, and the technology is well suited to help many people in need. Meet Harald Kissel who knows what it will take to succeed.

In this episode of the podcast Meet Sandvik you will get to know Harald Kissel, R&D-manager at Sandvik´s division Additive Manufacturing. He is passionate about the opportunities that additive manufacturing in metal can bring – like being able to print custom made medical implants instead of only being able to choose from “the shelf”.

However, to succeed in this relatively new area within manufacturing, it will take a lot of talent, hard work and teams with true passion for the task.
“I was attracted by Sandvik´s perfect set up to be successful in additive manufacturing. To master this technology you need to have a really deep down materials know-how,” he says, explaining why he chose to work for Sandvik and Additive Manufacturing.
In the podcast Harald also reflects on other areas where additive manufacturing in metal can have a large role to play, and on the tractor that probably paved the way for his job at Sandvik.

Meet Sandvik Podcast

In each episode of the podcast Meet Sandvik you will meet different persons that give their perspective on Sandvik. Sometimes it´s an employee telling his or her story. Sometimes you will meet experts discussing how a hot topic can affect Sandvik.