PowerCarbide® drill bit solutions win the Wilhelm Haglund Medal 2023

The five award winners on stage together with President and CEO Stefan Widing.
The award ceremony where Robert Grandin, Ioannis Arvanitidis, Krystof Turba, Erik Östhols and Susanne Norgren receive the prize from Stefan Widing, President and CEO. Robert Grandin represented Malin Mårtensson who could not attend the ceremony.

The team behind the cemented carbide family, PowerCarbide®, has utilized advanced scientific metallurgical knowledge to create a completely new range of innovative and patent-protected drill bits.

These have proven to be very competitive, outperforming current solutions due to superior performance and when it comes to safety, productivity and sustainability in the customers' drilling operations. This new generation of bits for top hammer, down-the-hole and rotary drilling has the capability to increase service life by 20 to 100 percent, depending on conditions. The innovation has significantly contributed to increased sales and further strengthened Sandvik's leading market position.

The winners of the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” were announced at Sandvik’s Annual General Meeting April 27.

“It’s a great honor to win this award together as a team. These, innovative new cemented carbides used in the PowerCarbide drill bits, leading up to a completely new family and generation of tools, would not have been possible without combining our very different skill sets”, says Susanne Norgren.

The Wilhelm Haglund Medal

The “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” has been awarded since 1986 and is named after the Managing Director Wilhelm Haglund, who laid the foundations for Sandvik’s successes in the cemented-carbide area. The award is presented to recognize and reward important efforts that create substantial customer benefits and commercial value for the Group.

The award includes a medal made from 18 karat gold, a study trip and a diploma. The jury includes the Group CEO and representatives of the Sandvik Scientific Council and trade union organizations. All employees in the Group can receive the award and they can also suggest candidates.

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