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Deployment of digital technologies is expected to create as much as USD 100 billion value to resource-producing companies by 2035.

The opportunities to mining and manufacturing presented by digitalization require skills found in unexpected places.

Increased connectivity and cloud-based solutions reduce costs, enhance productivity and manage variability in many industries.

Data has become a valuable resource, as advances in technology are transforming industries across the world.

The rise of hybrid technology represents a huge opportunity for suppliers to the automotive industry, experts say.

Hands holding a tablet in front of an industrial robot.

Old jobs disappear but new ones are being created with Industry 4.0, a move towards next-generation production methods.

Two collaborative robots, so-called cobots.

Meet Baxter and Sawyer, two so-called cobots – collaborative robots – that have already joined the workforce.

Nine Sandvik employees.

When successful innovation is a prerequisite for success, businesses need to harness the entrepreneurial spirit.

Software services in the metalworking sector are expected to quadruple, making the potential for software as big as for tools.

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