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List of examples of stock market indices in which Sandvik is included.

New Sandvik Coromant Centers support metal-cutting development

Sandvik Coromant has opened three new Sandvik Coromant Centers. The centers — opening in Milan in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey and Renningen in Germany — are part of a global network of facilities dedicated to showcasing metal cutting expertise.


Sandvik does not provide a market outlook or business perfor­mance forecasts. However, guidance relating to certain non-operational key figures considered useful when modeling financial outcome is provided in the table.

A local global graduate

Meet Jonathan Bergström, Global Graduate Program, Gimo, Sweden.

Give engineering a chance

Meet Jere Laitervo, Global Graduate Program, Tübingen, Germany.

An inspirational and global culture

Meet Nicole Xu, Global Graduate Program, Stockholm, Sweden.

A passion for sustainability

Meet Evan Larrick, Global Graduate Program participant, California, USA.

Carbon and energy

Sandvik is working to ensure that every individual site in the company has an action plan to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO 2 ).


Circularity is a key aspect for Sandvik and we reuse and recycle to offset the use of raw materials and reduce waste. Total waste decreased by 2 percent. In 2020, 18 of Sandvik’s production-related sites reported a 100 percent waste recovery rate. Sandvik recycles both steel and cemented


About 90 percent of our manufacturing activities take place in areas where there is an abundance of water. Nonetheless, water use is closely monitored and many measures are taken to minimize consumption, including circulation of cooling water as a means to reduce the need for fresh water.

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