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Mats W Lundberg, Head of Sustainability

“Sustainability and business go hand in hand,” states Mats W Lundberg, Head of Sustainability at Sandvik as of December 2020. As the former Sustainability Manager at business area Sandvik Materials Technology, he knows perfectly well that sustainability excellence is a

Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions

Business area Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions is a leading supplier of equipment, tools, parts, service and solutions for processing rock and minerals in the mining and construction industries. Applications include crushing, screening, breaking and demolition.

Women on the rise

Why is having more women working in the engineering and mining industry a business advantage? We talked to two Sandvik managers recently awarded for their work with diversity and inclusion – Päivi Kautiainen and Nadine Crauwels – to find out.

The battery boom

As production of electric cars increases so does the need for lithium-ion batteries, raw materials and reliable and efficient heating technology. Sandvik is ready to meet the demand.

A nice ring to it

When Tong Wu was about to propose to his girlfriend, he had a special ring in mind. To produce it, he turned to Sandvik for help.

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