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About 90 percent of our manufacturing activities take place in areas where there is an abundance of water. Nonetheless, water use is closely monitored and many measures are taken to minimize consumption, including circulation of cooling water as a means to reduce the need for fresh water.


Responsible environmental business practices are an integral part of our business model and strategy.

Health and Safety

We utilize a wide range of leading and lagging indicators to measure health and safety performance in every Sandvik location, including Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) and Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).

Circularity goal

We will drive the shift to more circular business models and use of resources, finding ways to close loops and generate new revenue streams from the processes and materials we use.

People goal

We aspire to the highest standards for people and will continue to raise these standards in line with our goal of zero harm.

Climate goal

We will deliver on our commitments to reduce our climate impact. We are aiming to shift mindsets and outcomes in our own business, for our customers and with our suppliers to help reach our targets.

Fair play goal

We will constantly aim higher in ethics and transparency, being a leader in playing fair and being open.

Sustainability governance

The Sandvik Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for sustainability within Sandvik, monitored by the Audit Committee. The Group Executive Management has the overall responsibility for Sandvik’s sustainability strategy and agenda while the business areas and divisions are responsible

Mind power

The Sandvik Ideas Hub is an interactive way to exchange and evolve ideas across functions to boost sustainable business.

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