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Big little wires

The EXERA® brand of ultra-fine wires that are used in medical devices such as pacemakers and hearing aid implants are among the smallest products that Sandvik makes. But these tiny wires have a huge impact on the quality of life of the people who have them inside their bodies. Sandvik is

New buy-back program for recycling high-alloy steel

New buy-back program for recycling high-alloy steel Sandvik and its strategic business partner Stamicarbon have initiated a new project to recycle high alloy steel by offering fertilizer customers a special buy-back solution when replacing equipment at their plants. When customers in the urea

Modelled in the virtual world

In the workshop of the not-too-distant future, intelligent software that replicates physical products will create an avatar of the real thing before you get started. The result, a digital twin, will save time, money and materials. Imagine being able to machine the perfect component – cut with

Sandvik solutions in a container

Sandvik Materials Technology has placed the microfactory concept into a mobile container, enabling an agile service that is easily transported from one customer location to another. Sandvik Materials Technology has developed a mobile container that goes where customers go, reducing waste,

Born again

Read more Sandvik rebuild solutions. Customers get a new lease on life for their worn-out equipment through a comprehensive rebuild services. How can mining and construction companies remain cost-conscious while meeting normal fleet maintenance requirements? By getting a new lease on life for

Speak Up – encouraging trust in Sandvik

Through Sandvik’s Speak Up program, employees and stakeholders are encouraged to raise their voice if they have a concern or suspect a breach of Sandvik’s Code of Conduct. The possibility to speak up is an important building block in Sandvik’s culture to help build trust and improve the working

Partnership for effective programming

Partnership is the way forward when it comes to modern digital tools for industrial production. Sandvik is working in close partnership with Google Cloud to create an artificial intelligence solution for faster and more secure programming of metalworking machines. No man is an island, and this
Partnership for effective programming

Will hydrogen fuel cells power the future?

Apart from powering vehicles of all kinds, fuel cells can also be used in a variety of other ways Imagine a car that emits nothing but water. With hydrogen-powered fuel cells, this is already possible. But there are applications beyond transportation that are open to this clean, carbon-free

Sustainable business comes full circless come

As businesses and society seek to mitigate environmental impact and curb climate change, one approach that is quickly gaining momentum is the circular economy model. Many of the environmental issues currently faced by our planet are linked to a learned human behavior that treats almost

Meet Sandvik pod #3: Tomorrows materials

Listen to the podcast Subscribe to Meet Sandvik <br> More episodes Annika Borgenstam Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Susanne Norgren Group Expert on Materials Design and Martin Blomgren Media Relations Manager Sandvik. Meet Elisabeth Lindstrom-Dupuy, General Manager North

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