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Sandvik does not provide a market outlook or business perfor­mance forecasts. However, guidance relating to certain non-operational key figures considered useful when modeling financial outcome is provided in the table.

Sustainability governance

The Sandvik Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for sustainability within Sandvik, monitored by the Audit Committee. The Group Executive Management has the overall responsibility for Sandvik’s sustainability strategy and agenda while the business areas and divisions are

Governance framework

We have an established governance framework including Group policies, Group procedures and other steering documentation to govern the way we conduct our business. We refer to this framework as The Sandvik Way.

Corporate governance reports

The latest corporate governance report and previous reports.

Shareholder event 2021

Sandvik held an on-line event for shareholders on April 26, 2021 at 1 PM CEST, prior to the AGM with postal voting April 27.

Internal control

The Sandvik organization manages a well-established financial reporting process aimed at ensuring a high level of internal control.

Work of the Board

Board proceedings during 2020 During the year, the Board held 13 meetings. The President presented his 100-day plan after joining the company and started a strategy review. The Presidents of all business areas presented their goals and strategies. The Board also reviewed the strategies and

About the Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for the company’s organization and the management of the company’s business. The Board is required to continuously monitor the company’s and the Group’s financial position.

DSI Underground

Sandvik to acquire market leading underground safety solutions company DSI Underground.

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