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Our culture

A global team of innovators, an inclusive environment and power to influence. These are just a few examples of our culture.

Compensation and benefits

We reward fairly and offer our employees a suite of benefits, no matter where in the company they work. Fair play even has a place among our core values.

Global Graduate Program 3

Ten graduates from China, Finland, India, Sweden and the United States. The program started in September 2017 and ended in February 2019.

Evan Larrick

Master in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor in Applied Physics

Sushma Vagga Rajendra

Master in Industrial Engineering and Management

Omkar Aranke

Dual Master degree in Manufacturing engineering

Robert Naber

Master in Business Administration and Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

Sanni Kymäläinen

Master in Industrial Engineering and Management

Nicole Xu

Master in Finance

Jonathan Bergström

Master in Industrial Engineering and Management, and Master in Supply Chain Management

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