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Recruitment process

When applying for a job with us, our aim is always that the match shall be satisfying and rewarding for both you as an applicant and for us as an employer.

Effect of WC grain size distribution on microstructure and mechanical properties of cemented carbides

Division Rock Tools, part of the business area Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, offers a thesis project in the area of cemented carbide materials for rock drilling tools. The position is placed at the division's R&D department in Stockholm, Sweden.

General management

Authentic and accessible leaders who coach and act as role models for the way we want to do business are crucial to our success.

Product management

Our teams for product management ensure we meet our customers’ needs and expectations and evaluate possibilities to develop our customer offering.


As an industrial company with a wide range of products, our purchasing departments handle everything from the procurement of raw material and machine parts to agreements for electricity supply and various types of services.

Project management

In a company like ours, a project can involve anything from investments in machinery and new digital solutions to the development of circular business models.


As an administrator, you will often be the spider in the web in your team. Your work tasks can differ greatly, depending on the department.

Business development

As a market leader in the industries where we are active, meeting the challenges our customers face keeps us on our toes. This requires, for example, an innovative mindset and extensive investments in R&D.

Cooling strategy influence on temperature in exchangeable tip drill center

HL: Position is filled (thesis project) HTML: Extra space Sandvik Coromant in Sandviken, Sweden offers a master thesis project within the area of the development of metal-cutting tools.

Purpose and core values

Our core values Our core values are the soul of the company. They guide us in our actions and daily business decisions. Below you can learn more about what they mean for us as an organization and as individuals. Customer focus We are agile, decentralized and make decisions close to customers HTML

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