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Training programs

E-learning and other training programs A comprehensive e-learning on our Code of Conduct is mandatory for all our employees. New starters are also required to complete the e-learning as part of their onboarding at Sandvik. It is available in the same languages as the Code of Conduct itself. We

Winners of the Sandvik India Gender Awards 2019

Award winners 2019 1. Independent Mana Mandlekar, Alampur, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Project ‘Kavach’ addresses issues to bring about social change within the community, working towards creating a society with equal opportunities for both the genders. Mana Mandlekar, who leads the project team,


Categories for the awards The Sandvik India Gender Awards are divided into eight categories. The jury will select one individual per category to be awarded for his or her contributions to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 1. Independent Any individual who is passionate to change the

Goal enablers

Enablers to reach our goals We are committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift that will drive more sustainable, resilient business. We will adapt our own operations, and our solutions and offerings, to lead this shift in our industry. To reach our sustainability goals for

Carbon dioxide and other emissions

Climate change is high on the agenda for both Sandvik and our stakeholders. Global energy demands and environmental requirements drive development of new energy-efficient solutions with low environmental impact. Energy consumption, climate change and emissions are therefore important aspects to

4. Environment

Protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development is of great importance to Sandvik. Suppliers shall actively strive to increase the positive and limit the negative impact of their operations and supply chain on the environment and society by establishing environmental

Human rights and fair labor conditions

In some countries where we operate there are risks of human rights violations. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct provide guidance in identifying, preventing and mitigating these risks. To mitigate these risks, we continuously work to ensure compliance with national

2. Health and safety

"Safety First" is a fundamental operating principle at Sandvik. Suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy working environment and take all practicable steps to prevent incidents and injuries. Suppliers must have an adequate, risk-based health and safety program, including, for example,

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for the Sandvik India Gender Awards. Sandvik India Gender Awards is organized by the CSR department of Sandvik Asia Private Limited which also heads the organizing team. Only individuals and/or organizations residing in India can apply for the award. By

Winners of the Sandvik India Gender Awards 2017

Award winners 2017 1. Independent Leena Kejriwal, Missing Link Trust The Missing Public Art and Awareness campaign addresses the issue of child sex trafficking. 2. Community-based organization Vaishali Rane, Onkaar Creation Onkaar Creation works for differently abled candidates with all kinds

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