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Energy consumption

The tables show total energy consumption for Sandvik, broken down by renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Total energy consumption Unit 2016 2017 2018 2019 MWh 2,229,168 2,269,660 2,234,646 2,207,850 TJ 8,025 8,171 8,045 7,948 Non-renewable energy Split by energy types: HTML: Extra space

Towards a fossil-free site

Sandvik's industrial area in Sandviken, Sweden. Since 2019, all internal vehicles previously run by diesel at the Sandvik industrial area in Sandviken, Sweden run on biofuel HVO100. This change leads to a net reduction of our carbon dioxide emissions from internal transport by as much as about


FAQ Terms and conditions Frequently asked questions about the Sandvik India Gender Awards. Terms and conditions for participation in the Sandvik India Gender Awards. Contact point for Sandvik India Gender Awards Contact point for the award If you have any questions regarding the Sandvik India


Related stories HTML: Extra space Climate - Customers Environmental considerations are critical in our product and process development. To the greatest extent possible, our products should contribute to a reduction in the environmental impact of customer processes, and also be recyclable. Many

Health and safety

Related stories HTML: Extra space Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is always a first priority. We operate in heavy industry, where the work environment can hold several potential risk elements. It is vital that all employees are aware of hazards and potential risks and that there is


Our policy on anti-bribery and anti-corruption gives a clear statement; Sandvik is firmly committed to fair business practices without any form of bribery or corruption, and confirms to comply with antibribery laws in all countries where we operate. The policy applies to all entities and


Tax matters should be treated as an integral part of the business and the same principles as for other parts of the business should be applied. Accordingly, tax is included in Sandvik’s Code of Conduct as of 2015. The Group has a tax policy which has been adopted by the Board of Directors. The

Governance and compliance

We aim to ensure efficient and value-creating decision-making by clearly defining the division of roles and responsibilities among shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Management. All shareholders are entitled to exercise their voting rights in the highest

5. Anti-corruption and competition law

Sandvik is committed to conducting business with high ethical integrity.We have zero tolerance of corruption, including bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, embezzlement, unlawful kickbacks, extortion and nepotism/cronyism, and we work actively to combat corruption.We also respect competition

Key figures

In the non-financial notes in the Annual Report you find key figures for our environmental footprint, EHS and employees. Key figures in the Annual Report: Environmental footprint EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Employees Energy consumption To view Sandvik's energy consumption broken down

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