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General engineering

Machining knowledge Find the most suitable material Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space With our in-depth application knowledge, we can recommend the optimum material and tooling solution for each purpose. Talk to us about metal cutting or have a look at our e-learnings. In our


Complete and proven machining solutions Materials for aerospace components Related products Working shoulder-to-shoulder with aerospace companies, we are pioneering advanced machining solutions that increase productivity and deliver quailty results for every component. Learn more about our


Complete machining offer for automotive components More efficient gasoline direct injection (GDI) Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space With extensive investment in R&D and knowledge sharing, we will continue to help our customers shape the cars of tomorrow. Tools and in-depth


Case stories and videos Hollow drill steel Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space Our mine automation systems cover all aspects of automation, from single equipment to full fleet control, reducing capital, people and energy intensity. Visit the Solid Ground website to read case

Renewable energy

Component solutions for windpower Materials for various types of fuel cells Related products As a world-leading provider of metal-cutting solutions, we help wind turbine manufacturers improve quality and productivity in the machining of a variety of components. Check out the latest metal

Process industry

Next generation duplex stainless steels Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space We help customers extend uptime, increase reliability and reduce the environmental impact of their processes. Using our metallurgical expertise, we are adding more advanced duplex materials to our tube

Global commitments

OECD Guidelines UN Global Goals Sandvik's strategy for sustainable business builds on, for example, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Read more about the OECD Guidelines Learn how we contribute to the UN Global Goals. View UN Global Goals index We are included in several

Corporate governance

Corporate governance within Sandvik comprises the system, consisting of principles, policies, structures and processes, by which the Group is directed and controlled. The aim is to ensure efficient and value-creating decision-making by clearly specifying the division of roles and

Åsa Thunman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Reports and key figures

Annual Report 2019 Key figures Previous reports Key figures for the environment, health and safety, and people. More about key figures Since 2016, Sandvik publishes an integrated Annual Report, including financial, environmental and social data.

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