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The SAM Sustainability Yearbook

Sandvik is included in the SAM Sustainability Yearbook. Every year since 2004, The Sustainability Yearbook has listed the world's 15% most sustainable companies in each industry as determined by their score in the annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). Go to the website for the

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

Sandvik is a member of the prestigious DJSI World Index. This means that we are ranked among the top 10% economic, environmental and social performers in our industry globally. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) was launched in 1999. It assesses the world's 2,500 largest companies and

Community involvement and sponsorship

Engineers without borders Improving quality of education Sandvik India Gender Awards Saving national treasure Vasa HIV/AIDS prevention work The founder of Sandvik – a man with social responsibility Sandvik has initiated a collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden, with the

Industry offerings

Sandvik products and services enhance customers' productivity, help ensure workers' safety and reduce environmental impact. Here are some examples from a variety of industry segments in which we are active.

General engineering

Machining knowledge Find the most suitable material Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space With our in-depth application knowledge, we can recommend the optimum material and tooling solution for each purpose. Talk to us about metal cutting or have a look at our e-learnings. In our


Complete machining offer for automotive components More efficient gasoline direct injection (GDI) Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space With extensive investment in R&D and knowledge sharing, we will continue to help our customers shape the cars of tomorrow. Tools and in-depth

Process industry

Next generation duplex stainless steels Related products Related stories HTML: Extra space We help customers extend uptime, increase reliability and reduce the environmental impact of their processes. Using our metallurgical expertise, we are adding more advanced duplex materials to our tube

Corporate governance

Corporate governance within Sandvik comprises the system, consisting of principles, policies, structures and processes, by which the Group is directed and controlled. The aim is to ensure efficient and value-creating decision-making by clearly specifying the division of roles and

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Åsa Thunman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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