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Goal enablers

Five enablers will help us reach our sustainability goals for 2030.

Supplier management

Sustainable supplier management is a prioritized area at Sandvik. With a supply base stretching out from small local manufacturing units to multinational raw material and components suppliers and from labor-intensive to high-tech operations, it is essential to partner with suppliers who embrace the

Responsible sourcing of minerals and metals

Sandvik has a strong focus on recycling and circular economy. When primary raw materials are used, we are committed to source from responsible sources only, allowing for social development and minimizing environmental degradation.

Human rights and fair labor conditions

In some countries where we operate there are risks of human rights violations. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct provide guidance in identifying, preventing and mitigating these risks.


Tax matters should be treated as an integral part of the business and the same principles as for other parts of the business should be applied. Accordingly, tax is included in Sandvik’s Code of Conduct as of 2015.


At Sandvik, we are committed to conducting our business with honesty, integrity and high ethical standards to meet legal requirements as well as stakeholder expectations.

Management systems

We hold approvals to several management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Speak Up Policy

Sandvik's Speak Up Policy explains how employees and other stakeholders can raise concerns (Speak-up) about suspected breaches of Sandvik´s Code, policies and the law without fear of retaliation.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sandvik is committed to contributing to sustainable development for present and future generations. This includes identifying, preventing, mitigating, and accounting for adverse environmental, human rights and governance impacts in our own operation and supply chain, and we expect the same

Key figures

In the non-financial notes in the Annual Report you find key figures for our environmental footprint, EHS and employees.

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