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5. Anti-corruption and competition law

Sandvik is committed to conducting business with high ethical integrity.We have zero tolerance of corruption, including bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, embezzlement, unlawful kickbacks, extortion and nepotism/cronyism, and we work actively to combat corruption.We also respect competition

1. Legal compliance

Ensuring awareness of, and compliance with, relevant legal requirements is the baseline for complying with The Supplier Code. We expect our suppliers to be updated on, and comply with, applicable international regulations and conventions, as well as regional and national legislation. Suppliers

Integrated risk management

The Sandvik Group applies a comprehensive risk management program, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The program covers both business areas and Group functions. ERM is an integral part of Sandvik's operational and strategic management and assists the company in taking action when it

Supplier Code of Conduct

Procedures for raising concerns Other Codes of Conduct Our Code of Conduct details how to report possible breaches of our Code, our policies or the law directly to a manager or as an alternative through our reporting tool Speak Up. Read more about Speak up reporting tool Code of Conduct

Governance framework

We have an established governance framework including Group policies, Group procedures and other steering documentation to govern the way we conduct our business. We refer to this framework as The Sandvik Way. Our governance framework, The Sandvik Way, is based on four layers: 1. Oversight and

Key figures

In the non-financial notes in the Annual Report you find key figures for the environment, health and safety, and employees. Examples of key figures within these areas are: Environmental key figures Energy use CO2 emissions Waste Emissions to air and water Health and Safety key figures Injuries

Financial key figures

Economic value, generated and distributed Unit 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Revenues MSEK 82,654 94,084 98,529 87,328 88,821 90,822 84,430 93,985 Manufacturing costs MSEK 44,758 56,054 56,161 50,507 49,717 53,695 45,007 44,508 Employee wages and benefits MSEK 22,885 24,014 24,907

Environmental key figures

Environmental key figures Unit 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Metallic raw materials Thousand tons 359 352 318 341 328 295 314 329 Of which, recovered % 81 80 81 81 80 80 78 79 Energy consumption TJ 9,112 9,131 8,907 9,157 8,956 8,573 8,505 8,649 Change % 21 0 -2 3 -2 -4 -1 2


Winners of the Sandvik India Gender Awards The Sandvik India Gender Awards are divided into eight categories. The jury selects one individual per category to be awarded for his or her contributions to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the categories for the awards

Winners of the Sandvik India Gender Awards 2018

Award winners 2018 1. Independent Sophia Khan, SAFAR, Gujarat SAFAR is a public charitable trust that works to eliminate violence against women, promote gender equality, human rights education and empowerment of women and minorities. 2. Community-based organization Motiben Chavada, SMVSM SMVSM

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