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Who is eligible to apply for the Sandvik India Gender Awards?

Any individual or a representative of an organization working towards women’s development across India can apply for this award.

What parameters will be under consideration in the selection process?

The following parameters will be under consideration in the selection process: Adherence to applicability Authenticity of the entry Work to eliminate gender: discrimination violence harmful practices trafficking exploitation Work for gender: recognition equal right equal opportunities

Are applications kept confidential?

The information in the applications is confidential and will be reviewed only by Sandvik and industry experts during the selection process and in connection with the administration of the award, and the panel of judges.

If not selected for the reward money, will I receive a participation certificate?

Only participants who are shortlisted for the final round (24 participants) will be provided with a certificate of appreciation. There will be no certificates of participation.

The jury

Ulrika Sundberg Kamal Singh Sara Larsson Erwin Steinhauser Consul General at Consulate General of Sweden Ulrika Sundberg is a vital part of a team helping increase business contacts between Swedish and Indian companies within areas like smart cities, climate change, energy technology and health

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