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Energy consumption

The tables show total energy consumption for Sandvik, broken down by renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Total energy consumption Unit 2016 2017 2018 2019 MWh 2,229,168 2,269,660 2,234,646 2,207,850 TJ 8,025 8,171 8,045 7,948 Non-renewable energy Split by energy types: HTML: Extra space

Sustainability award

Award winners 2020: Service solution helping in the conversion from fossil gas furnaces to electrical furnaces Sustainability Award 2020 A service solution that helps customers reduce their CO2 emission by converting from fossil gas furnaces to electrical furnaces. It consists of a customized,


Categories for the awards The Sandvik India Gender Awards are divided into eight categories. The jury will select one individual per category to be awarded for his or her contributions to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 1. Independent Any individual who is passionate to change the

Circularity in our operations

By using recycled material in our production processes, such as recovered metal resources and repurchased used tools, and by developing a valuable use for the by-products from our operations, we can increase our contribution to a more circular society. Raw materials and input materials To

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Download as PDF Sandvik Modern Slavery Act statement 2019.docx (Word document, 20 kB) Modern Slavery Act 2015: Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2019 Our business Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering advanced products and services that enhance its customers'


Related stories HTML: Extra space Climate - Operations Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our business. We take the steps necessary to minimize our environmental footprint while also ensuring that these efforts create business benefits for our customers and ourselves. To

Health and safety

Related stories HTML: Extra space Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is always a first priority. We operate in heavy industry, where the work environment can hold several potential risk elements. It is vital that all employees are aware of hazards and potential risks and that there is

Supplier management

Develop sustainable procurement practices Improve supply base sustainability performance Enhance the sustainability profile of acquired goods and services Put in place processes & procedures to support the Policy implementation 1) Build internal capacity Integrate sustainability in the


Related stories HTML: Extra space Climate - Customers Environmental considerations are critical in our product and process development. To the greatest extent possible, our products should contribute to a reduction in the environmental impact of customer processes, and also be recyclable. Many

Conflict minerals statement

Download as PDF Related information Conflict Minerals Statement (PDF document, 85 kB) Wolfram certified as compliant with the Conflict Free Smelter Program Conflict minerals statement Sandvik recognizes the potential of the production of minerals to bolster development and sustain livelihoods

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