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Business Partner Code of Conduct

Sandvik is committed to contributing to sustainable development for present and future generations. This includes identifying, preventing, mitigating, and accounting for adverse environmental, human rights and governance impacts in our own operation and supply chain, and we expect the same

Corporate brand

We maintain a multi-brand strategy with strong market-leading corporate brands in our different businesses.


In presenting groundbreaking solutions and trend-setting innovation, our stories show how technology, ideas and people intersect to create a better tomorrow.

Business model

Sandvik’s business model is based on close customer cooperation where we create value through products and services contributing to enhanced productivity and sustainability.

Carbon and energy

Sandvik is working to ensure that every individual site in the company has an action plan to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO 2 ).


Circularity is a key aspect for Sandvik and we reuse and recycle to offset the use of raw materials and reduce waste. Total waste decreased by 2 percent. In 2020, 18 of Sandvik’s production-related sites reported a 100 percent waste recovery rate. Sandvik recycles both steel and cemented


About 90 percent of our manufacturing activities take place in areas where there is an abundance of water. Nonetheless, water use is closely monitored and many measures are taken to minimize consumption, including circulation of cooling water as a means to reduce the need for fresh water.


Responsible environmental business practices are an integral part of our business model and strategy.

Health and Safety

We utilize a wide range of leading and lagging indicators to measure health and safety performance in every Sandvik location, including Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) and Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).

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