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World Environment Day 2018

On June 5, the United Nations’s World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. Sandvik strives to minimize its environmental footprint and we put a lot of effort into making our offerings and our production better from a sustainability perspective.

“Beat Plastic Pollution” is the theme for the World Environment Day 2018. Nearly one third of the plastic packaging used escapes collection systems, which means that it ends up clogging city streets and polluting the natural environment. Every year, up to 13 million tons of plastic leak into the oceans, where it can circle the Earth four times in a single year, and it can persist for up to 1,000 years before it fully disintegrates.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Sandvik’s Sumperk site in the Czech Republic improved a system of waste recycling in 2016. One year later, plastic being recycled had increased by 42% while the corresponding figures for paper and glass were 41% and 55%, respectively.

At the Delmas site in South Africa, plastic waste is removed by approved waste removal companies. The plastic is procured and processed into raw material by South African Plastics Recycling Organisaton (SAPRO), and finally manufactured into new plastic products. South Africa recycles about 18% of virgin plastic produced.

Winnie Li, admin specialist, is showing how to recycle different materials such as plastic bottles, zip-top cans etc.

The Shanghai Hongqiao office in China provided a waste separation and collection training on May 2 to raise employee awareness.

At the Lyon site in France there is a system in place to re-use plastic for shipment activities i.e. as wrapping material.

Some other environmental initiatives across Sandvik:

  • A Green Fund makes it possible to apply for funding for initiatives that decrease CO2 This year, the Green Fund will provide funding for solar panels in La Tour du Pin in France and leasing of four hybrid cars at the Fagersta site in Sweden.
  • A new district heating project will replace oil with biofuels at the Sandvik site in Gimo, Sweden. The investment reduces carbon dioxide emissions corresponding to heating of 230 villas and reduces costs significantly. Read more about the initiative
  • Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP) recover “waste heat” from production to produce energy. Sandvik’s CHP plant in Tübingen in Germany has produced 420 kW thermic energy and 214 kW electricity since it was started in 2016.
  • Mining company Goldcorp is developing the world’s first all-electric underground mine in Canada, thereby eliminating diesel underground and reducing greenhouse gases. Sandvik DD422iE, an electric jumbo, produces zero emissions. Read more about the initiative
  • Sandvik plays a central role in developing fossil-free ways to extract energy. Pre-coated stainless steel strips for high-efficient fuel cells can be used both in mobile (for example hydrogen cars) and stationary hydrogen solutions. Read more about the initiative

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