Digital tools make a big difference

Digitalization is a key enabler behind the transformation known as Industry 4.0, as increased connectivity and cloud-based solutions help reduce costs, enhance productivity and manage variability in industries across the world.

Digital solutions should simplify the working environment for all of us. Sandvik develops solutions that support digital manufacturing, all the way from planning and design to in-machining and machining analysis.

The approach to designing digital solutions

Sandvik has a close relationship with core customers to understand what it is they are trying to achieve with digitalization. It’s our job to help them navigate through the multitude of available options. By creating value together with customers, we can share in that value.

Where in the process can digital tools make the biggest difference?

Manufacturing is essentially made up of four steps: design and planning, preparation, machining, and evaluation. Today this is a linear and fragmented process. With digital tools we can tie the steps together, creating a learning cycle. Across the Sandvik Group, there is so much knowledge that we can put into the design of these tools to simplify the process for our customers and ourselves. The tools become platforms to deliver knowledge in a very efficient way.

An example of how Sandvik is supporting its customers on this journey

Sandvik approaches customers in a very pragmatic way, establishing together what is needed for them to get moving and achieve results quickly. They tell us that digitalization of the tool inventory is critical, so this is where we have decided to focus our attention initially with the launch of TDM Cloud Line, a solution developed by Sandvik-owned company TDM Systems.

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