Sandvik supports the project Wind Power for Tanzania

Windpower station

Since June, Sandvik collaborates with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden and is the main partner to the organization.

The intention of this partnership is to contribute to a sustainable development, by providing technical knowledge and international experience to the organization’s voluntary activities in Sweden and in developing countries.
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We have now decided on a first project that Sandvik specifically will engage itself in; the project “Wind Power for Tanzania”. The project aims to complement the electricity supply to schools, hospitals or other fundamentals for the local community buildings, by building and maintaining small-scale wind power turbines and installing solar panels in off-grid rural areas in Tanzania.

About the project Wind Power for Tanzania

The main aim of the project is to implement small-scale wind turbines in an off-grid rural location where it has a direct impact on the local community through supplying back up power to e.g. schools and hospitals. For higher energy efficiency, solar panels will also be installed to support the wind power system. One of the greatest values of the project is the knowledge exchange between local community, engineers and volunteers and the participating students. The local community will be actively participating during the implementation phase in Tanzania and they will gain all the necessary knowledge on how to maintain and fix every part of the energy system, if necessary, in the future.

Read more about the project Wind Power for Tanzania