Sandvik supports safe salt mining

One of the vast chambers in the Bernburg salt mine.
One of the vast chambers in the Bernburg salt mine – 20 meters wide, 35 meters high and 200 meters long.

Salt mining is an ancient process; the deposits themselves can be several hundred million years old. Such is the case at the Bernburg mine in Germany, where esco (european salt company) extracts rock salt from a 250-million-year-old underground deposit.

Salt production here dates back to the Middle Ages, when brine was evaporated from open pans. Today esco relies on modern mining equipment to produce roughly 2 million tons of salt each year, offering its customers a wide range of high-quality salt products, including salt for chemical and industrial use as well as pharma and food-grade salts and de-icing salt.

Bernburg recently bought two new Sandvik LH621 underground loaders, which have a high power-to-weight ratio that ensures faster cycle times. An efficient Tier 4 diesel engine helps to minimize emissions underground.

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