The Object: Bolt for the Vasa ship

Bolt for the Vasa shipSweden’s historic Vasa ship is under threat from iron leakage from its steel bolts. In 2011, the Vasa Museum joined forces with Sandvik to preserve the nearly 400-year-old wooden warship for future generations.

All 5,500 bolts are scheduled to be replaced by the end of 2017, and with 2,800 bolts exchanged so far, it is clear that Sandvik’s specially designed bolts have made the Vasa more stable and in fact lighter.

The materials used are Sandvik SAF 2707™ HD and Sandvik SAF 2507™, a combination of advanced duplex stainless steel grades with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength that can support the weight of the Vasa’s 900-ton hull.

Read more about the cooperation between Sandvik and the Vasa Museum at Sandvik's website for stainless steels and special alloys

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An item produced by additive manufacturing.

About 95% of an insert can be recycled.

Effective in controlling movement disorders.

The lifeline between surface installations and subsea equipment.

Whatever the conditions, Sandvik’s drill bits make the job easier.

Sandvik contributes to save the old wooden warship for future generations.

Connected tool for reducing vibrations.