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Sandvik reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe

Sandvik has been reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe since March 23rd, 2015. This selection by Forum ETHIBEL indicates that we perform better than average in our sector in terms of sustainability.

Being included in the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe confirms us as an interesting investment for a wide range of international investors. It also acknowledges our strengthened focus on and proactive work in fulfilling our ambition to be a top sustainable company and how it creates value for our company.

Ethibel Sustainability Indices

Forum ETHIBEL's selections are largely based on research, carried out by the European rating agency Vigeo, which is responsible for data collecting and processing, performance analysis and industry benchmarking.

The composition of the indices is reviewed twice a year. The general aim of the periodical review of the index is to ensure that the selection and weighting of the constituents continues to reflect the underlying market or market segment it represents.

Detailed methodologies are available in the ESI rulebook published on the websites of Forum ETHIBEL and Vigeo.

Ethibel Pioneer & Excellence Investment Register

In composing the Ethibel Pioneer and Excellence Investment Registers Forum ETHIBEL selects companies playing a pioneering or leading role in their sector in terms of sustainability. The selection is based on a best-in-class approach combined with exclusionary criteria. Detailed methodologies are available on the Forum ETHIBEL website.

Mission of Forum ETHIBEL

Forum ETHIBEL aims for a business model, that respects the balance between economic progress, social fairness and gives due attention to the environment.

For more information, please visit Forum Ethibel.