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Going the extra mile

Sandvik is an innovative company, but there is always room for improvement. "We have to be faster, closer to the customers and go the extra mile to do whatever possible for them," says Dinggui Gao, President of Sandvik Construction and a member of the Group Executive Management Team.

What are the greatest challenges for the Sandvik Group to continue to grow?

The challenge is really to capitalize on our great products, services and industrial knowledge and to convert them into values that our customers can take advantage of. We are getting closer to our customers in order to understand them better – how they operate their business, how they make money and how they win against the competition. We provide them with those values so that they recognize that Sandvik is a really good partner, and they understand what we are doing for them. We have to know in detail what they need.

What is the strategy for the Group right now?

We need to be more global, and more customer-oriented and continue to be innovative. We set the industry standard in terms of technology, products and people. We will continue to develop our staff, and the combination of these things can really take Sandvik to the next level.

Finally, how will Sandvik Construction create growth?

The total market size of our niche is about 20 billion US dollars per year. That figure is growing at a speed of, I would say, 4 to 6 percent a year. So the long-term potential is really good. We already have a solid base of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. They need to upgrade their technology and expand their business. They also need services and parts to maintain their productivity. Furthermore, we have excellent products. In 2013 we launched 37 new products, and this year we are going to launch more than 20. These factors create a foundation to grow upon.

NAME: Dinggui Gao
AGE: 50
BORN AND RAISED: In Hubei Province, central China.

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