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Taking it to the core

Saibal Chakraborty is appointed Core Values Manager at Sandvik. He has recently initiated a program to revitalize the core values across the group.

Sandvik has, since the very beginning, built on its strong values from within the company. Open Mind, Team Spirit and Fair Play are the three core values that are the backbone and guiding light of the company.

The new core value manager explains how the values stand out against competition.

"Our three core values enable us to support a common culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit," he says. "New technology and processes may be adopted by the competition, but not the culture that is driven through these core values.

Fair Play, one of the Sandvik core values

In many companies, values normally only form part of the induction process, maybe also as part of an ongoing training program, but at Sandvik, we go beyond that. We link the core values to every process – leadership development, employee empowerment, employer branding, diversity and inclusion and so on.

Saibal Chakraborty explains that the ambition is to constantly remind employees of the values so that they are practised not only professionally, but can be adopted in their private lives as well. "It's a very strong platform, one that attracts, develops and retains good talent."