Meet Jonas Gustavsson

Earlier this year, Jonas Gustavsson was appointed President of Sandvik Machining Solutions. Prior to this appointment,Gustavsson successfully led Sandvik Materials Technology for a year and a half.

What are the main differences between the two business areas?

"Sandvik Machining Solutions is much bigger, has a different culture and faces other types of challenges. But the employees have the same passion and drive and, having worked with metal machining in various forms for 13 years, I am comfortable with the products and solutions.

What are the major challenges for Sandvik Machining Solutions?

"Competition has increased, especially in the mid market. We need to be quick and adaptive and optimize our cost structures. We also need to get better at introducing more products to the market and identifying new business opportunities. It isimportant to drive growth and aim for high profitability.

What are your expectations for the near future?

"I foresee a very exciting year in which together we take this fantastic business area from good to great and at the sametime develop a solid team spirit among our staff of more than 19,000."

What is so special with Sandvik?

"The passion, the level of technological know-how, the fantastic products and the constant progress. It is a company in a state of change, with a balance between tradition and modernization."


Jonas Gustavsson, a civil engineering graduate from Luleå University in northern Sweden, has worked with ABB and Bombardier in Sweden, Switzerland and Austria in various management positions. He came to Sandvik in 2008 as head of the product area Tube. Jonas Gustavsson is 45 years old and lives with Stina and their two children, 15 and 11 years old.His favorite hobbies are skiing and mountain biking.