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A role model for others to follow

On June 23, we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. Meet Memory Phiri, Sandvik, Zambia.

A solution-driven stance

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day. We talked to Celina Kaji in Brazil about her career choice.

50 years in service

Åsa Wiklund is retiring after five decades with Sandvik, years that have passed very fast.

Compensação e benefícios

Para nós da Sandvik é importante afirmar: recompensamos de forma justa e oferecemos um conjunto de benefícios, não importa onde você trabalhe na empresa. O fair play tem até um lugar entre nossos valores essenciais.

A local global graduate

Meet Jonathan Bergström, Global Graduate Program, Gimo, Sweden.

Give engineering a chance

Meet Jere Laitervo, Global Graduate Program, Tübingen, Germany.

An inspirational and global culture

Meet Nicole Xu, Global Graduate Program, Stockholm, Sweden.

A passion for sustainability

Meet Evan Larrick, Global Graduate Program participant, California, USA.

Mind power

The Sandvik Ideas Hub is an interactive way to exchange and evolve ideas across functions to boost sustainable business.

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