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Diversity and Inclusion – a business advantage

Engineering is traditionally a male-dominated field of study. And while steps have been taken to help integrate women into engineering and mining, they are still vastly underrepresented.

3D printing and titanium powder – a life-changing combination

The possibility of individualization and on-demand availability of implants, prostheses and other medical devices will affect the lives of many people.

Harald Kissel, R&D-manager Additive Manufacturing

Medical is one of the most exciting areas within additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, and the technology is well suited to help many people in need.

Gary Davies, Head of business unit Medical

Wires for life. His unit in Florida is manufacturing products that are truly life-changing for many people around the world.

Nadine Crauwels

President of the Sandvik Machining Solutions business area segment

Flying underground

Sandvik is helping customers map areas of their mines that were previously unreachable.

Life-changing innovations

A disease or an accident can change your life in an instant. We want to empower people to lead their everyday lives with quality and our medical solutions make it possible.

Live life like you mean it

Eleven years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Andrew Johnson regained his quality of life.

Waking up in silence

Jacob woke up one night in panic – he had lost his hearing. A cochlear implant opened up a new life for him.

Heart – and leg – of a champion

Passion, determination and a large dose of entrepreneurial spirit have allowed Mike Schultz to thrive in his career despite the loss of a limb.

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