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La Compañía fue fundada en 1862 por Göran Fredrik Göransson, quien fue la primera persona en el mundo en lograr usar el método Bessemer para la producción de acero a escala industrial. En una etapa inicial, las operaciones se enfocaron
Historical photo of persons outside a factory.

Meet Jani Vilenius, Director of Research & Technology Development

Digitalization, electrification and automation are trends that will shape the future of mining. Meet Jani Vilenius and listen to his view on how Sandvik can continue to stay on top – underground.

A hot pizza challenge

Kanthal is a world leader in manufacturing sustainable heating technology. But could the company use its expertise to make the fastest pizza ever? (And would anyone want to actually eat it?)

Focus and follow-through

Elisabeth Lindström-Dupuy is Head of Sales Area North Asia at Sandvik Coromant. She started as a Production Engineer in Gimo, Sweden, and then took on different managing roles in France, Germany and is currently stationed in China where she has been for over six years. Her experiences

Making her mark

For Talitha Groenewold, engineering might not have been in her blood, but it definitely aroused her curiosity and eventually inspired her to pursue her current career. Now she is actively working to show the brightest young minds, with special attention to women, that engineering opportunities

Female leader engineers

Diversity is key to business success. Meet some strong women sharing their leadership experience within a global engineering company.

Diversity stimulates innovation

Diversity serves any discipline well – not the least of which is engineering. Sofia Hansson believes a mixture of gender and background brings dynamic innovation to the table.

Meet Elisabeth Lindstrom-Dupuy, General Manager North Asia

Like many engineers she loves a tricky problem. Meet Elisabeth Lindstrom-Dupuy who has taken the chance to test her problem solving skills on a global scale within Sandvik.

Titanium powder for sustainable manufacturing

Powder metallurgy is since many years labeled as a ‘recognized green technology’. Titanium powder, with its unique material properties, makes it even more sustainable when used in game-changing technologies like additive manufacturing (3D-printing).

Joining forces to fight COVID-19

The new coronavirus has had a huge impact on us all. However, the situation also brings out the best in people who are willing to walk the extra mile during the pandemic. Within Sandvik, a number of activities are ongoing with the aim of contributing to society.

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